BoG: Bank deposits in Greece increased in 16 of the 18 previous months


    Deposits held by households and private non-profit institutions in Greece rose by 542 million euros in June 2021, after an increase of 78 million euros the previous month, May 2021, whereas the annual growth rate rose to 9.7 percent, up from 9.4 percent over the same months, respectively, the Bank of Greece announced on Tuesday.

    Greece’s central bank, in its monthly report, said deposits held by the private sector increased by 1.619 billion euros in June 2021, after a 359-million-euro increase in May 2021, with the annual growth rate rising to 14.5 percent from 13.7 percent, over the same periods, respectively. In June 2021, deposits held by the general government increased by 759 million, compared with an increase of 27 million the previous month. The annual growth rate was -14.2 percent, compared with -22.2 percent the previous month.

    In June 2021, corporate deposits increased by 1.07 billion euros, compared with an increase of 281 million the previous month.

    The entire press release on Tuesday, by the Bank of Greece (BoG), is here

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